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Speak Your Healing - Full Moon December 2019

Listen to your heart, speak with your head.

Hi, shooting stars!

Has your tongue been itching to tell it like it is lately? Thanks to the full moon in Gemini, the last full moon of the year (and decade!), we’re feeling the urge to speak our truths. Whether it’s the truth about your relationship, finances, or commitment and power over either, Gemini has us thinking at lightning speed about our priorities.

After the leader of expansion, Jupiter, partnered with Sagittarius’s bow and arrow to shoot some adventure into our lives, Gemini continues this expansion with a deep desire to communicate about our current state. Just like the symbol of the Twins often stereotyping Gemini as “two-faced”, our opinions and thoughts can turn on a dime away from an old idea and toward something new - and possibly completely different from our normal routine.

This full moon’s energy is chaotic. It’s likely you’ve been having weird dreams, or feeling especially anxious or high energy during the days before and after the full moon.

Those with high intuition and empathy may feel especially sensitive to those around them, like the world is a live wire sending you important messages. There are some heavier planetary influences on this full moon this month with Saturn and Pluto. Saturn rules structure and discipline, so some of our words may be a bit biting or tactless toward our loved ones. The phrase “think before you speak!” comes to mind here, but with our thoughts steeped in Pluto’s influence - the planet ruling our shadow selves and deep feeling - we’re inclined to think about what’s hurt us the most in the past and share it with those who may have hurt us, or those who could help.

The best thing to do with all of this volatile, communicative energy is to roll with the punches. The conversations we’re having now are difficult, but take the opportunity to clear the air of any lingering or festering ill feelings to start fresh for the holidays and the new year.

Here’s your tarot reading based on your zodiac sign for this final stretch of 2019.


Gemini - nine of swords

You may be reeling after a recent failure, feeling anxious and overwhelmed about what your next move should be. Take a moment to breathe and set small goals for yourself; taking small steps is still more progressive than standing still.

Cancer - six of swords reversed

Thoughts of the past are lingering in your consciousness, keeping self-defeating behavior and low self-esteem alive in your vibration. You deserve to treat yourself and take some time to reconnect with your center, and this will help open you up to those new opportunities waiting just outside the door.

Leo - eight of wands reversed

While you may be feeling your ultimate power, confidence, and authentic self, sharing this power with the world has felt more like slipping and sliding on ice skates, or like your feet are stuck in cement altogether. If things haven’t been working out the way you expect, remember to enjoy the journey to your destination - taking things slow is sometimes the most efficient route.

Virgo - five of wands

You may find yourself in conflicts over resources or relationships you find to be better than your current state or conflicted about where your priorities should truly rest this holiday season. You’ve got the power to focus your intentions on wherever you want, so best to focus them toward tangible goals based in reality.


Libra - two of pentacles reversed

Any decisions you’ve got to make right now rely on your focusing your priorities. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, Libra, but the best way to get anything done is to focus on one thing at a time and follow it through.

Scorpio - ace of wands reversed

A sudden plummet in creativity or a return on a new venture may have you feeling foolish. Take your new grounded perspective and shift the focus back to square one; where can you build a solid foundation to feel that spark of inspiration again?

Sagittarius - eight of cups reversed

You may be reluctant to let go of emotional ties to a particular group of friends. Take heart of the feelings and people who serve to raise you up in celebration, and discard any and all drama that brings you down.

Capricorn - eight of swords reversed

You’re ready, or almost ready, to move past your fears and take the next step on your journey, possibly toward a new career or into a community that values your contributions. Trust yourself and the process of letting go of your inhibitions and you’ll find people respect you more than you ever dreamed.


Aquarius - four of cups reversed

You’re finally able to see the opportunities coming on the horizon and appreciate them for what they are. It’ll take an educated judgment call to determine what your best next move will be, so take in all information carefully and with both your instincts and the facts in mind.

Pisces - king of swords reversed

A difficult relationship, perhaps with an older man, might be prominent in your life right now, and a desire to restore balance and harmony is hindered by cold, analytical, non-emotional criticism or challenges. Whether this person represents you or someone else, practice patience and tact at this time; anything said might come across as colder than it actually is.

Aries - four of swords

Right now is time for rest and recuperation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive in generating your own happiness and cultivating the infrastructure of your goals. Explore your hopes and dreams in detail now, as the universe is sprinkling a bit of luck on your horizons.

Taurus - page of cups reversed

While progress may be ground to a halt right now, remember to take a moment for yourself to inject a little more fun back into your relationships - especially the relationship with yourself! Messages are coming to you from the hearts of others, so do listen to them with an open mind.


Happy holidays, everyone! See you again for the new moon solar eclipse on Christmas Day!

Good vibes always,


Kissed By Venus

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