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Embrace the Fire - New Moon November 2019

Take the leap and dare to be different.

Kia ora (hello), shooting stars!

It’s been a hell of a time these past few months. The planet of communication, Mercury, has been in Retrograde, meaning our interactions with conversation, technology, and travel have been malfunctioning. Coupled with Scorpio, the water sign of deep-felt emotion and transformation, we've felt like we’re changing from the inside out since October. But now, with the firey zest of Sagittarius galloping into our lives, we’re ready to take what we’ve learned and carry forward with our new goals and ideas.

This new moon in Sagittarius joins with Sagittarius’s planetary ruler, the lucky and expanding Jupiter. This alignment happens once every decade and brings with it the inspiration to start new adventures and expand your horizons. New perspectives are the agents of change this time around. Do something differently - whether it’s taking a different route to work or school, drinking orange juice instead of coffee, sleeping on the opposite side of your bed, or anything in between, take the opportunity to shift your worldview (or even the world around you).

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, accompanies Jupiter in the sky this period. These planets dance around Uranus, the planet of innovation and opportunity, facing the galactic center (the center of our galaxy). In plain English, this means we are due for a burst of vibrant energy and personal awakening in all aspects of our lives. New relationships, new job opportunities, new chances to show others what you’re made of - all of these experiences flourish under this planetary arrangement. Take advantage of this energy and follow that flash of inspiration you receive in a whim over the next couple weeks, and invest even more in your deepest passions and desires.

Unexpected encounters will lead to greater expansion, growth, and happiness.

These past few weeks have been encouraging you to peek outside of your comfort zone. Now, this new moon’s energy gives you permission to blow it to pieces and see the beautiful world outside!

With all of this new energy in mind, here is your tarot reading for this new moon in Sagittarius, based on your zodiac sign.


Sagittarius - judgment

A little change is good for getting the creative juices flowing, where you’re time is best spent clearly outlining the steps to take toward your goals. You can trust your own judgment and intuition to lead you down the path of greatest expansion and smoothest waters.

Capricorn - the magician reversed

You’ve got so much creative energy around you, you may not know what to do with all of it! Instead of wielding it around without thought, try to focus your energy on starting or finishing one thing at a time and things will move smoothly as well as swiftly.

Aquarius - ace of swords reversed

The messages you’re receiving may not be as clear as you’d like them to be, or you may not be getting your point across the way you like. Quiet your mind and listen to your intuition - you’re gut feelings know what to say and how to say it better than you think.

Pisces - king of pentacles

An older man or fatherly figure in your life may be the cause of your current frustration and feelings of things just ‘not being fair’. Remember, if you keep knocking at one closed door, you miss the opportunity to see the open one right behind you - it’s all about timing.


Aries - three of wands

As you step outside your comfort zone on the next steps of your journey, you’re finally past the hardship and mayhem of times before. Embrace the urge to try new things and do things differently with the comfort of knowing the hardest part is behind you.

Taurus - six of wands reversed

You might be feeling a little ‘woe is me’ at the moment as some areas of your life may have stagnated. Focus on the parts of your life that bring you joy and positivity, and you’ll find the doors you’ve been stuck behind opening easier - or you may find a new door to walk through altogether.

Gemini - four of cups

You’ve been putting a lot of emotional (and maybe even financial) energy into the options in front of you, with lots of different things commanding your attention and care. Instead of trying to do everything, take a step back and take a minute for yourself so you can determine what the priorities really should be.

Cancer - knight of cups reversed

Everybody else looks like they’re having fun and expressing themselves while you’re feeling creatively stifled and blocked. If you’re sulking in the corner of the party, step back into the crowd and listen to the environment around you - inspiration comes in flashes now, and one conversation could be just the spark you need to get your juices flowing again!


Leo - ace of wands

The time is ripe for you to seize the day, Leo, and chase your dreams with your unlimited spirit! Take the opportunity to expand your horizons and seek new environments that will best serve you on your next adventure, as you’ve got the power to make any of your wishes come true.

Virgo - four of swords reversed

Wake up, Virgo - it’s time to make the choice to prioritize your deepest desires. Take things one step at a time, building your strength and confidence up as you sort through your scattered thoughts and step into the next phase of your life.

Libra - the lovers

Getting caught up in specific, nitpicky conflicts causes you to lose sight of the bigger picture, falling out of harmony with the path of least resistance that will lead you toward your goal. Get your focus out of what you’re measuring on the scales - balance is only seen when you take a step back and look at them from a distance, which gives you the vision to move forward with confidence.

Scorpio - ten of pentacles

The foundation of your life may be a bit rocked by sudden changes and events that may not seem like the best of luck. Just like the number 10 (the number of completion) adds up to a 1 (the number of beginnings, 1+0), there’s a chance for new insights in the crumbling of old ideas.


Happy new moon, everyone, and happy Thanksgiving and Day of Thanks to those celebrating gratitude in the United States!

Good vibes always,


Kissed by Venus

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