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Claim Your Journey - New Moon in Aquarius January 2020

Take the first step.

Hey, shooting stars. Happy New Year!

The first new moon of the new decade? Talk about some crazy new energy up in our lives! The planets are shining on our biggest and baddest selves right now, encouraging us to hit the ground running toward our goals. It’s time to sing your own song and dance to the beat of your own drum; it’s time for you to shine at what you do best.

The new moon falls in the sign of Aquarius, known for its quirky, adventurous (if a little emotionally distant at times) personality. Channeling your inner uniqueness will help you shine over the next two weeks until February’s full moon, and the resolutions you make now to shift your lifestyle will manifest during the Aquarius full moon six months from now in ways you can’t imagine. It’s all about the journey and the big picture for future-looking Aquarius, and it’s a great time to point that compass in a new direction with your end goal focused in your mind.

There are a couple of astrological transits to keep in mind right now. Venus is playing with Jupiter and Mars - aka, the planet of love is dancing with both luck and aggressive, outward energy. This can sometimes translate to heated debates with others, or a sudden increase in luck leaving you spinning. The energy is very “Go Go Go!” which means it’s important now more than ever to watch where you’re going. Tempers are hot, so chill when your friend or coworker says something less than cool; everyone’s feeling a bit on edge, and the patient and kind ones take the lead when you’re busy stomping your feet.

As long as you keep an even hand on the wheel, this new moon will shine its prosperous shadows on you. Following your gut instinct is the way to align with your truest purpose.

All right, my quirky friends.

Here’s your tarot reading for the first new moon of the decade. Also, feel free to check out the Spotify playlist I made just for this new moon to help you channel some of this boss energy in your everyday life!


Aquarius - eight of pentacles reversed

Throwing yourself into your work might have distanced you from your usual “playtime” routines. This new moon is an opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with what brings you joy outside of your workspace; you might just find inspiration waiting for you.

Pisces - six of wands reversed

Feeling slighted is never fun, especially after so much victory as put you in a perpetual high the past month. Evaluate all the costs and benefits of your past victories, taking stock of where credit should be given.

Aries - queen of pentacles

The mother of the home and nurturing energy is in your corner this new moon, Aries. You might be this figure to others during this time, or a generous and home-y presence might be just what you need to feel comfortable.

Taurus - eight of wands reversed

You may feel like you’re just spinning your wheels at this time, eager to move forward but seeming to take a step back with every inch of ground you make. The message of patience rings loud and clear for you this new moon, and taking a pause to clarify your path forward will help get the ball rolling again.


Gemini - knight of pentacles

Making steady progress toward your goals, your vision is clear about the path ahead. Be sure to add your own spice to this dependable energy; just because you’ve got a route mapped out doesn’t mean your gut stops telling you what route is best.

Cancer - the hermit reversed

Shifting your perspective is needed - either toward more “me-time”, or toward sprucing up your social calendar. Either way, you’ve gotten stuck in a pattern of not listening to your basic needs, and it’s time to quiet your mind, listen to your heart’s desires, and indulge them.

Leo - six of swords reversed

It’s hard to move on from something you’ve placed quite a bit of effort into, especially when it seems a new path has daunting challenges. Trust yourself and the universe that you’ll make the right decision as you start a new journey.

Virgo - the devil

Sometimes it feels like you’re your own worst enemy, and it’s easy to fall into avoiding a stressful thought or indulging in a particular aspect of your life to distract you from the work that needs to be done. You are in control of how your life turns out, no matter what, and you have the keys to the chains that hold you back.


Libra - the chariot reversed

As much as you’re wanting to charge forward into the magic of the unknown wilds, you’ll stand to benefit more from slowing the horses to a trot and being strategic about the path forward. You’ve got the resources and the wit to make your dreams come true, so come up with a winning plan and carry it out one gallop at a time.

Scorpio - seven of pentacles

You’ve cultivated some hefty rewards over the past few months or even years, but the work, as you know, isn’t done yet. Reflect upon your success so far and use the lessons you’ve learned to grow even more success in the next chapter of your life.

Sagittarius - king of wands

You’re positively feeling yourself, Sag! Your creative energy is at a controlled peak, so keep the flame burning bright by adding even more of your personal fire to the magic.

Capricorn - three of cups reversed

It may feel like the party’s over in some ways, but that’s only to encourage you to find new parties to join! The sparkle is inside of you, and it will show when you dedicate yourself to being authentic and compassionate with all those you meet.


So excited to enter this year with you! Stay tuned for more astrological and tarot insights, coupled with some musical tunes to get your vibe aligned.

Good vibes always,


Kissed by Venus

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