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Slow & Steady - New Moon July/August 2019

Who’s ready for a bit of a shakedown?

This new moon features some surprises in your finances or some added spontaneity in your love life. It falls at the weird intersection between July 31st and August 1st depending on your time zone, which makes this new moon - known as a "black moon" for having two appear in the same month - particularly special when it comes to starting something new. It’s literally at the point of crossing from one month’s energy to another, so take advantage of the new vibes and get started on your goals for August.

As you enter the dog days of summer (or the heart of winter, in New Zealand and Australia’s case), July might’ve had you a bit exhausted - or even just bored - with the more sensual side of your life. Luckily, this energy is about to change. Venus, the planet that rules love, beauty, and finances, favors the new moon with her grace and passion, but also with her tendency for overindulgence. Venus is also heavily influenced by Uranus, the planet of change, surprise, and all the fun expansion that comes with it. This means that your new crush might be a bit eccentric or different from your usual taste, or may even be of a different cultural background. Your financial situation may also go through a period of flux at this time, so do your best to keep your balance.

Sometimes, taking a step back is the best way to move forward.

The best way to get through this mutable, changeable, and unpredictable time is to have patience with yourself, others, and situations. With Leo’s fiery and ambitious energy prominent in the stars, we’re bound to feel a little impulsive, and might take some blows to our self-esteem if we’re not rolling with the punches. Remember your worth and follow your intuition and logic when making decisions.

Here’s your personal tarot reading based on your zodiac sign for the weeks affected by the new moon!


Leo - two of cups

A new partnership is coming your way with fiery potential, either in the realm of your career or your love life! Stoking your inner fire of creativity will assist in making connections this month.

Virgo - five of pentacles

You might be feeling a bit “out in the cold” in the realm of making love or friendship connections. Try to shake off those blues with a little fun in your life - laugh, dance, play - and you’ll soon remember how special it is to know you.

Libra - queen of cups reversed

You’re bursting out of the gate with new creative ideas, but your emotional world may be a bit in flux. Get reacquainted with your innermost values, and the people you meet during this period will see you for your true self.

Scorpio - the star reversed

All of this waiting has you starting to lose faith in what you are doing. Everything comes about in its own perfect time, so keep hope that whatever you're working on will come to fruition soon.


Sagittarius - the world

Your vitality high, you’re tying all the loose ends right now in preparation for a new journey. Keep yourself grounded in your convictions and you’ll have the world to share your spirit with.

Capricorn - temperance

Striking a balance between all the areas of your life is key right now, especially in the realm of your home and family. You’ve got the potential to create something long-lasting, so take your time to get all the details right.

Aquarius - the hermit

It’s time for you to take a load off, Aquarius, and rediscover the things you love to do by yourself. Whether it’s binge-watching Netflix or reading a book on your patio, find what makes you happiest in solitude and you’ll be rejuvenated.

Pisces - ten of cups reversed

Coming back to reality isn’t your strong suit, Pisces, since your fantasy world often holds a lot more creativity and happiness for you. If some communications don’t go your way, try to center yourself on the relationships and emotions that are certain to bring you joy and go from there.


Aries - six of swords reversed

Moving on may be difficult for you now, but it’s certainly necessary for your growth. Remember that you are valued and that you have resources to help you - all you have to do is look.

Taurus - ten of of swords

It’s easy to look at other people’s lives and compare your situations, thinking they’re doing “so much better”. Even if you take little steps - like writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day - it’ll remind you of the value you have in your own life that others may envy themselves!

Gemini - king of cups

A celebration is in order, where you’ll be the spotlight of compassion and leadership among those you know. Take the time to check your emotions at the door and remember that a party is, sometimes, just a party.

Cancer - seven of cups reversed

You’ll find that decisions that once paralyzed you are suddenly easy to make, probably because of a recent setback. Dust yourself off and walk confidently into your choice, making sure you’re aligned with your intuition as you do so.


Good luck with this new moon season!

Good vibes always,


Kissed By Venus

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