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Own Your Path - New Moon August 2019

Dream it, wish it, do it.

This is the best new moon we’ve had in awhile, folks! The planets have aligned to bring us the power to call forth our desires. It’s all about what you love, who you love, and how you’re going to get as much of both of them as possible.

The planets of love and sex, Venus and Mars, hold hands this new moon. They’re in perfect harmony, and with the communication planet Mercury in place between them, it makes for a favorable time to meet new lovers or reignite current ones. Our self-confidence boosted, we’re motivated to speak about what we want to bring into the world - career or love-wise - and take the initiative to go and take it for ourselves. While Mars energy drives this assertion, Venus blesses this energy with harmony and cooperation so we don’t step on any toes when we run after our desires.

The planet of intuition and change, Uranus, gives us flashes of intuition and insight this new moon. Being clearer about what you want causes you to tune in to the positive vibes of the universe and start allowing everything you desire to flow towards you. This energy also bodes well for travel and seeking new adventure - so if you’re gut is telling you to buy that plane ticket or take that road trip, go for it! Follow your instincts, as you’re more likely to catch some valuable wisdom on the breeze.

To guide you through this love fest, here’s your tarot reading based on your zodiac sign.


Virgo - the fool

You’re eager to start off on a new journey, but remember to check in with yourself beforehand. Take note of the messages coming to you now from the universe - listen closely.

Libra - three of wands

Opportunity is coming towards you on the horizon, and you’re prepared to meet it with everything you’ve got! Creativity and joy are flowing now, but be careful to ground yourself lest you get swept up in the whirlwind.

Scorpio - eight of cups reversed

Coming into your power may require you to leave something behind. Embrace the change, as it’s only meant to help you move into your true potential.

Sagittarius - five of cups

The healing process is slow and steady, and it may seem like there’s no bright side in sight. Keep in mind that you have far more blessings in your life, and this pain, too, shall pass.


Capricorn - king of swords reversed

Cold and calculating, an older man (or your inner self) may be preventing you from moving forward on a new adventure. Keep your eyes up and fight logic with kindness, and your obstacles will melt away.

Aquarius - the chariot

Team projects have you moving in the right direction, adorning your chariot with all the necessary items for your journeys ahead. You add value to any team, and everyone knows it now.

Pisces - queen of pentacles reversed

Too much of your energy is being spent on the little things, and you’ve lost touch with the emotional center that keeps you stable and grounded. Trust those around you to do what they say they will do, recalling compassion to your heart.

Aries - five of wands reversed

You may be paranoid about what everyone else thinks, afraid to share what’s yours for fear of their judgment or malintent. You are the master of your reality, and letting go of this anxiety will loosen the knots for the rest of your plans to fall into place.


Taurus - the emperor

Sitting on your throne and going through the motions can seem like a real chore, sometimes. Take this time to think about how you’ve been doing things and if anything needs to change to shake the dust off your ideas.

Gemini - strength

Dreams come true for you only when you realize your personal power in making significant life changes. You’ve got a grip on reality right now, so take the chance to jump into your dreams feet first.

Cancer - wheel of fortune reversed

Decisions between a rock and a hard place may have you paralyzed, unsure which direction to turn. Sometimes the right decision is to make a decision in the first place and go from there; luck is a cycle, after all, and it’s bound to come back around if you keep moving.

Leo - nine of swords

Anxiety over relationships might be keeping you up at night. In order to keep harmony with those you care about, find ways to get in touch with yourself - what keeps you steady when the world is chaos?


Get to it, shooting stars! Sending you more insight soon.

Good vibes always,


Kissed by Venus

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