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Find Peace Within - Full Moon August 2019

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Clear your heart and let it go.

Kia ora (hello) from New Zealand, shooting stars. Another full moon is upon us!

This full moon has a lot of similar energy to the July 21st/August 1st new moon floating about. You may be craving some emotional stimulation over the next couple weeks because of Venus, the planet of love, influencing this moon cycle.

While this aspect is normally favorable for your relationships and self-love, the planet of mysteries and transformation, Pluto, causes you to feel a little extra lonely. Your finances may also be bound for change, so be careful with how you indulge this emotional need - preserving the integrity of your wallet as well as your spirit.

That’s not the only influence Pluto has on us this full moon. Prepare yourself for drama, scandal, or crisis in your personal life; while you’re feeling off your rhythm emotionally, new developments could rock your world in more ways than one. Find time to ground yourself and hold on to your personal power, as someone could very well threaten to take it away. But wait! Put down your fists! These conflicts are best resolved by taking a step back.

The planet of aggression and action, Mars, challenges you to quell your frustration, anger, and need for impulsive action, especially in your close relationships. Practice some self-reflection and channel that energy into a creative project; the full moon is a great time for completion, so take the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you.

And, on top of this astrological Molotov cocktail, Uranus, planet of change and illusion, moved into retrograde on August 11th. Mostly affecting your love life, you’ll notice unexpected changes occurring; if you’re partnered up, prepare yourself for unpredictable behavior from your loved one or yourself, and if you’re single, keep an eye out for chance encounters leading to a whirlwind romance. Anything is possible when change is in the air, so it’s important to keep your focus and attention on your gut instincts.

Take it easy this full moon, both on yourself and on others. There’s lots of changeable energy in the air, but the best thing you can do is center yourself so you can direct the wind rather than get tossed by it.

Here’s your tarot reading based on your zodiac sign for this full moon cycle.


Aries - three of swords

Disappointment and sorrow may hover over you in regards to your close relationships, with an overwhelming feeling that life just isn’t fair. Take a moment for yourself; even a small one, like making your bed or taking a shower, can smooth the transition.

Taurus - page of cups

The reality of a recent decision has come to hit you full force, and in its wake a new relationship may come your way soon. Trust your gut, relax, and go with the flow, and joy will follow.

Gemini - four of swords reversed

You may feel conflicted about your withdrawal from the world and into yourself, but don’t fret. Everyone needs rest once in awhile, and now you emerge with a clearer sense of direction than before.

Cancer - nine of cups

Your wishes are bound to come true, Cancer, as you look toward the new opportunities on the horizon. Keep track of your long term goals as the blessings come in, and the path forward will define itself.


Leo - two of cups

Your partnerships this period are likely undergoing a transformation. Endings always breed new beginnings, so consider what needs to be refreshed in your relationships.

Virgo - six of cups reversed

You may get caught up in nostalgia, or that past experiences make you hesitate to strike out on your own. You are your own best advocate, and moving forward in the present is the best way to prove to yourself and others that you’ve got what it takes.

Libra - ace of swords

Facing the day with your sword in hand, your worldview may be a little soured by what you see not aligning with what you imagine. Embrace the challenges as stepping stones toward your new horizon, and you’ve certainly got the wit and will to make it across.

Scorpio - six of pentacles reversed

Projects or phases of your life may be reaching completion, and you’re feeling a little drained - particularly financially. Seek those who can replenish your spirits and you’ll be ready to move on to your next endeavor.


Sagittarius - ace of cups

Someone new who appreciates your hard work might make an appearance in your career. Take the opportunity to shine the best light on your projects and keep your confidence high.

Capricorn - the fool reversed

You may have felt like a fool for taking on so much responsibility at once. However, the true reward for all your effort is looking back and appreciating what you’ve done - it’s all about perspective.

Aquarius - eight of swords reversed

Your own insecurity may be keeping you from moving toward your greatest goals and aspirations. Only you have the power to remove the blindfold and see that you’re actually still in the driver’s seat - all you have to do is press the gas.

Pisces - the devil

You may feel trapped by your previous commitments, unsure how to undo the bonds you’ve tied with others. Prioritize one thing at a time, and trust that those who care about you most will understand your journey.


Good vibes always,


Kissed by Venus

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