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Brace For Impact - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2019

Fasten your seat belts.

We’re in for quite a ride with this full moon lunar eclipse. Just as the light of the July 2nd solar eclipse shone new possibilities and good luck on us all, this Capricorn lunar eclipse rounds out the season with an intense emotional rain check.

The moon and sun are both facing Pluto, the planet of secrets, with tearful faces this full moon. Prepare to encounter an inner demon triggered by an event or person during this time, and it may be hard to focus on anything besides your emotions. Coupled with Mercury Retrograde - which throws off the rhythm of our communication, travel, and technology - Find the best way to center yourself (journaling, meditation, exercise, etc.) and use it to explore these feelings from a more objective perspective.

You may find yourself lonely, perhaps missing loved ones who are far away physically or emotionally. This is because of Venus, the planet of love, being opposite to Saturn, the planet of structure and hardship. However, Venus is also affected by Neptune’s daydreamy, empathetic influence, so finding a way to be there for those around you can help relieve some of the emotional starvation.

Saturn and Neptune have been doing quite a song and dance over the past few months, making it easier for your dreams and aspirations to manifest. Remember that no matter how low you get, you are the master of your reality. You’ve got the power to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, and the planets are aligned to help you on the way!

Here’s your full moon forecast, based on your zodiac sign.


Capricorn - five of wands reversed

Trying to avoid being overwhelmed by the activity around you, you may be tempted to cut corners and take the “easy way” rather than the “right way”. Taking shortcuts won’t serve you now, so ask for help if you need it and take things one step at a time; it will all fall into place the way it’s meant to.

Aquarius - the fool reversed

Take special care of where you step, Aquarius, as you might have the tendency of “flying blind”. Remember that you’re a valuable part of the larger systems you’re part of - school, work, loved ones - and focus on planning those steps before you take them.

Pisces - queen of pentacles reversed

New projects may feel stalled, and you may feel like you have to watch over every single detail in order for things to move forward. You’ll benefit from letting go of the reins a bit and taking a step back; you may find a new perspective from a little distance.

Aries - three of wands reversed

New realizations may come during this period, perhaps from a new encounter or project that’s near and dear to your heart. Be sure to keep an open mind about it, especially on the emotional front.


Taurus - high priestess

Now is the time to rest, assess, reflect, and relax, taking a step back from the riffraff of the everyday and spending time with yourself and your thoughts. Your intuition is rather strong right now, so use this time to shine light on the parts of you that dwell in darkness.

Gemini - the magician reversed

You’ve got an erratic, slightly destructive power about you now, Gemini, wielding your wand to bring about your more indulgent desires. Add a little moderation to your diet and it will open the way for greater manifestation of what’s actually good for you - healthy relationships, routines, and viewpoints.

Cancer - three of swords

Some deep, emotional pain may be affecting you, causing you to lose sight of your larger worldview. Take a step back and reflect on how much you’ve built, how far you’ve come to reach this moment, and remember your inner strength - you’ve had the power to persevere inside you all along.

Leo - king of cups

Compassion and insight is the name of the game during this period, Leo, so put on your hero cape and open your third eye to those in need. Share your mastery over your emotions with others and you’ll find many more rewards than you bargained for.


Virgo - wheel of fortune reversed

If your fortune should waver during this period, remember that you are not alone in your struggles. Good times and bad times come in rotation, so take any challenge in stride and lean on others for support if you need to - this, too, shall pass.

Libra - queen of wands

You’ve got a zest for life right now that’s infectious, bursting with inspiration and feeling. As the ruler of your own creative and innovative spirit, trust yourself and the universe to shower you with the opportunity to shine your brightest light.

Scorpio - four of pentacles

Feeling like you can’t afford to look on the brighter side of life may be common during this time. Remember that you have to let go of a little control to feel the flow of life, and that new opportunities are always right around the corner.

Sagittarius - king of pentacles

Making decisions from up in your castle may be the best way to operate during this period, albeit not without challenge. Trust your deeper instincts and recall what grounds you, and you’re certain to make the right decisions.


Good vibes always,


Kissed By Venus

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