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Manifest Your Dream Life with The Law of Attraction

How the Universe works is surprisingly simple.

Whether this is your first time learning about the Law of Attraction or you're a seasoned pro, you'll find the basic principles of how to manifest your dream life, here.

Turn Ideas Into Reality - photo by Mika Baumeister, Unsplash

A universal truth

Living in this Internet age of popular mysticism and modern science, you've no doubt come across plenty of self-help articles, books, TikToks, and more surrounding the topic of manifestation. While it may be easy to dismiss this popularization as just another fad way to improve your life, it's actually a sign that the world as a whole is returning to one of the most fundamental truths of the universe: that we are powerful creators.

Today, we'll be discussing the fundamental concept behind any spiritual practice found in the world - The Law of Attraction. Major religions recognize this concept as prayer, and even atheists call it "the placebo effect". But no one, not even the least spiritual, denies its existence. What you think, you attract.

And it doesn't take an expert, either. You, without anything extra needed, have the power to influence reality on an energetic level with just your thought. I'm not talking about bending spoons with your mind or time traveling (we'll save that for a different post). Rather, I'm talking about your ability to manifest what you want with your thoughts - how you can shape reality around you with the mere suggestion of a feeling.

We've seen this concept actualized in pop culture (The Matrix (1999) and Lucy (2014) are my favorite examples), but it's far from a science fictional occurrence. In fact, there have been citations of the Law of Attraction philosophy in every culture around the world as a metaphysical truth for thousands of years.

What you think, you attract.

I was lucky enough to be raised by spiritually open-minded parents who provided a solid foundation for me to explore my spiritual beliefs however I wanted to from a young age. But by NO means is this required to get you started.

I was young, maybe 9 or 10, when my parents introduced me to the movie The Secret (2006), which detailed the basics of the Law of Attraction with testimonials from experts around the world. It was pretty mind-bending in the moment, but this instance shaped the base of my spirituality by centering my mind on the truest tenant of the universe - that we are not separate from nature, but so intertwined with it, we have more power than we realize.

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

From there, I found Abraham Hicks, a motivational speaker series created by a couple named Esther and Jerry. Esther is a channel for a spirit she calls Abraham, who speaks through her to answer humanity's questions about how the universe works and our place within it as powerful creators. Abraham Hicks and its publications discuss the Law of Attraction in great detail, with books, exercises, workshops, and retreats to help individuals access their highest form of living.

Science or Spirit?

Until now, the Law of Attraction has been a philosophy not recognized by the greater scientific community, confined to the realm of "unproved" theory. But with the popularization of quantum physics research, the scientific community is beginning to back phenomena it had previously called "illogical" or "mysterious". There are countless scientific experiments detailing the "space between spaces", the probability of a particle's location in space and time depending on whether or not it's being observed (

In layman's terms, scientists have acknowledged the existence of a force much like gravity (which is directly related to space and time) that exists in every moment and in which particles may probably manifest depending on our perception of them at any given time. Where and how the particles manifest is dependent on the frequency of our perception.

Thoughts become Things.

The universe, in all its vastness, hears the "messages" from the frequency you emit and takes action to align you with what you're energetically asking for. The world around you shifts, ever so slightly, into a different reality - into a plane of existence where your dreams have entered physical space, where you receive the things you crave.

While the scientific details of quantum physics can give a non-scientist a bit of a headache, there is one thing that cuts through: there is more to this universe than we can physically experience, and we can observe the phenomenon of our perception affecting reality.

Blowing Wishes on a Dandelion - Photo by Ivan Dostal, Unsplash

How the Law of Attraction works

In every waking moment, you make a choice - to drink water, to take a shower, to have eggs for breakfast, to ditch school. What's brain-breaking is, these choices manifest outcomes before you experience them in your physical reality, aligning you with a particular timeline.

For example, you decide to have eggs for breakfast because you want to have a healthy start to your day. This sends a message out to the larger universe about your intention to have a healthy start, and universal law states that what you intend must manifest. Therefore, when you make your eggs and eat them, you are acting in harmony with the universal plan, the healthy timeline, you set in motion.

Where it starts to get tricky are the more abstract concepts we encounter in our everyday lives - things like hopes, dreams, and fears.

What you intend must manifest.

Let's say you want a new car. You're anxious and excited to have it; after all, you really need a car. However, no matter how much you say "I want a new car" to the universe, a new car has not appeared before you. What gives?

The truth is frustratingly simple. The universe IS giving you what you're putting out there; but since you're only putting out that you WANT a new car, you are saying that you DO NOT HAVE IT. Therefore, you will keep manifesting the wanting and not the having.

The Universe: "You want a new car? Okay, we'll keep sending you things to remind you how much you want it to align with that thought."

The universe is neither good nor bad, and will take whatever you put out and give it back to you - literally. This is why the top manifesting philosophies say to "act as if" you already have what you want - and especially, to feel all the satisfaction of what it's like to have it. Then, the universe obliges.

You: "I am so overjoyed and grateful to drive my new car!"

The universe: "She has a new car, but it is not in her reality yet. Let's manifest it to align with this thought."

At 26, almost twenty years since my introduction to the Law of Attraction, I've learned that the more I learn, the more I have to trust and let go of the details of the outcome. This is called releasing resistance, or the self-limiting beliefs that hold me back from manifesting my wildest desires.

Over time, I've used the principles of the Law of Attraction throughout my life to manifest getting into my dream college on scholarship, to study abroad, acquire my first car, to move out of my parent's house, to find fulfilling relationships and community. There are myriad ways to manifest, and every time I am stunned with gratitude by the blessings the universe has in store for me when I trust the process.

Does this mean I get exactly what I want, in the way I imagine it? No, but oftentimes it's better than I could have imagined. And that's where trusting the process comes in.

The Golden Ratio in Structure - Photo by Muzamil Ahmed, Unsplash

How can I start?

There are many tools and modalities you can use to manifest with the Law of Attraction. Some of my personal favorites include creating a vision board at the start of each new year (or new phase of life), meditating on gratitude, and making intention wheels (what Abraham calls "focus wheels") to put my dreams to paper.

Appreciate - and stay with me on this - never being satisfied.

We are insatiable beings. We always desire more, better, different, and new. History paints this trait in a negative light, but in the realm of universal possibility, desire is your superpower. It shows you what is working, what is not working, and how to course-correct.

We desire because we believe having those new experiences, things, or people in our lives will bring us joy and personal fulfillment. We want love, acceptance, companionship, and community. We want to feel safe, and we have the power within ourselves to manifest this satisfaction.

However, the modern world wasn't built for our empowerment. The world is constantly demanding us to be youthful, to be strong, to be popular, to be consumers, to move quickly, to be productive, to work hard for someone else's dollar. So many interests want us to be passive, to scroll or work our lives away instead of chasing our dreams, or to engage in arguments over petty things that don't advance us as individuals but rather distract us from what makes us human. Society, as we have constructed it, wants us frozen in time, too exhausted to evolve.

Doom Scroll - Photo by Marjan Grabowski, Unsplash

We've disconnected ourselves from the cycles of nature, our natural cycles of operation, so much that it's all too easy to feel out of control of your reality and the circumstances that happen to you. This leads to feelings of chaos, hopelessness, and feeling out of control of your life. Our mistake has been believing we needed outside sources to change before we could feel good, when the law of the universe has it as the opposite.

Desire is your superpower.

We are natural creatures. We are of the earth, the sea, and the sky. We are made of the cosmos and this planet, elements coming together to form consciousness that has the power to change worlds. We experience time linearly, but the universe does not operate on our singular dimension of perception - it is multi-dimensional. By "acting as if", by using the Law of Attraction to our advantage, we access multi-dimensional energy. We defy linear time by saying "My reality is what I perceive it to be, and I perceive my reality to be fulfilling my wildest dreams." The universe listens.

As the old adage goes, the only constant is change. Everything in the universe is growing, dying, birthing, living, loving infinitely. When we accept that and call on our cells to vibrate with the power of our desire, to align with higher wave particles of reality...we have the power to change everything.

Sparkler - Photo by Cristian Escobar, Unsplash

Author's Note

Our world elevates to a brighter place when we show gratitude and love for one another, so allow me to thank you for taking the time to connect with me. If you want a head start on accessing your inner power, check out my Crafts section in my shop (coming soon), where I've created easy DIY guides for making your own Vision Boards and Intention Wheels.

Happy manifesting!


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